Is it really necessary to use platforms to maintain Tether?

crypto store online is harmful
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Some sites go to great lengths to convince visitors to store their digital assets on their platforms.

For example, are you willing to store your cash somewhere other than your account?
of course not.
No one can protect your property except yourself. Therefore, our team does not recommend keeping and storing assets on our platform or anywhere else.
The best way is always to visit in person for the transaction, which is always offered by
Of course, we must admit that platforms like Binance have an excellent history and were always reliable during these years.
But in any case, it is better to keep the property with the person himself and with the direct responsibility of the person, you can see the types of Tether storage formats here. , with more than 4 years of experience in crypto, does not keep your assets in any way; transfers are done in person only at the moment of buying and selling.
Our recommendation is to keep it in an offline or hardware wallet
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Meaning and Uses for Tethering Crypto Explained

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